Hey there, I'm Von, 
the official Moh
(maid of honor)
to go!

I am a part-time wedding planner, a part-time life coach, a part-time fixer, and a part time travel agent/honeymoon hacker. In short, I'm your best friend during this amazing process and journey. Maybe you don't know you need me, maybe you don't but you won't regret this. I exist to make your life easier, with no demands. 

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What we offer

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Whether it's managing your budget, venting about your family, help you plan your honeymoon or just being there for you on your wedding day. Whatever comes up, I'll be there to lend a hand.

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You're planning an awesome wedding, yet you need someone to help execute it on your wedding day. I will meet with you and your partner ahead of time to discuss your wedding day timeline.

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If you are more than 7 to 8 months away from your honeymoon, let me show you how to maximize all your expenses to rack up points like a pro. That dream honeymoon is within your reach!

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Do you have out of town guests coming in but no time to think about it? Yet you know you want to show them just how appreciative you are of their support and love. That's where I come in. 


About your official MOH

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Planning a wedding is stressful and everyone has an opinion. That's where I come in! My job is to make sure the bride gets exactly what she needs. You want a honeymoon to Hawaii but not sure how to pay for it. No problem! You want a simple, quiet affair but your mother doesn't and budget spiraling out of control. No problem! Maybe you already planned your wedding but not sure you can rely on family and friends the day of because you want them to enjoy the day too. No problem! No matter what you are feeling during this process, I can help.

Not only am I an experienced event planner but I'm also a graduate of the world renowned coaching school, CoachU! So I know a thing or two about keeping people calm during stressful situations while putting on an amazing event. And as for traveling, let's just say I'm slightly obsessed with helping people plan their dream trip for less. (Hint: see Instagram feed *wink*)

Everyone knows that weddings are expensive. So many people question why they didn't elope halfway through planning their wedding. Don't let this be you! That's why I made it my mission to support you through this process. Let's get you to the day (and honeymoon) of your dreams.

If you have any questions about what you truly need,
please reach out. Can't wait to chat and start planning!