What Are Micro-weddings & Are They Right For Me

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Planning a wedding takes a lot of energy and, oftentimes, a lot of money. If you’re on

a budget and don’t have the extra energy to spare, a micro wedding may be your

answer. But what in the world is a micro wedding?  


What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a smaller scale event, typically with fewer than 20 witnesses,

that still has key elements from a larger wedding. It’s not a secret like an elopement,

but rather has your immediate family and a few others that you wanted to be there.


Not everyone will be a fan of you deciding to have a micro wedding, especially if you

come from a culture where weddings typically have hundreds of people in

attendance. In other words, just know that some people may be upset. 


Hopefully, after you explain this to them and your reasoning behind the micro wedding, they

will be more understanding.


Oftentimes when people see that about 90% of the people they know weren’t invited to the wedding,

they’ll see the bigger picture and be more understanding.

If you’re worried about this happening at your micro wedding, these two things may



1. Put an abridged version of your wedding video or vows on a private YouTube

link to share with those who couldn’t make it to the ceremony.


2. Consider having a dinner in the months following the reception, organized by

both sets of parents, especially if you have a larger family or for cultural



This will take the pressure off of you, as you are already married

and you have already celebrated your marriage the way you envisioned.

But how do you know if a micro wedding is for you? The first step is to figure out

your values.

Consider what’s important to you.

I had a micro wedding before they were mainstream. At the time, my husband and I valued an amazing honeymoon,

so we saved on the ceremony and reception and then splurged for a week in Barbados.


So, ask yourself what is most important to you – is it food, the cake, the video, your

honeymoon, etc.? What will make the most impact on your big day?


One beautiful thing about micro weddings is that you will have plenty of time to talk

to each and every guest! Because it’s a small, intimate gathering, you won’t have to

rush through the room.


Additionally, the best part of a micro wedding is that you

can splurge on your dress, cake, or décor since you’re doing everything on a smaller

scale. With this type of wedding, you won’t go bankrupt - quality rules over Quantity!

Still considering whether a micro wedding is for you?


Here are 10 quick and easy ways to figure out if a micro wedding is right for you:


1. How many friends and family would be ideal for both you and your partner

to invite?


2. What are 2-3 non-negotiable wedding must-haves that you and your partner

have been dreaming of?


3. Would you feel that you were missing out at your wedding if you didn’t invite

a large group?


4. Do you like the intimacy of just your partner and you OR would you prefer to

have your closest friends and family present?


5. If you had a micro wedding, would this affect your must-haves?


6. Are your non-negotiable still possible with a micro wedding? No regrets



7. You feel shy or stressed at the idea of having a lot of people looking at you.


8. In a perfect world, you would elope with just your friends and/or family



9. You love the idea of a small gathering with less pressure.


10. You still want the glitz and glamour of a large scale wedding and need photos

to prove it for your new home!


Once you decide that you want a micro wedding, time to get planning!


Destination micro weddings:


Micro weddings can also be destination style or at a local venue. They can be held in

a wide variety of locations, including restaurants, small art galleries, outdoors,

private rooms, and more!

Of course, there are less moving parts to these weddings than their larger scale

companions, but there are still things to plan.


You’ll still need to coordinate your vendors, transportation, your photographer, the ceremony venue, the reception

venue, bakery, and more.


Even though these are on a smaller scale, you still don’t want to look disheveled or unplanned.

Just imagine – you’re trying to apply your lipstick while the photographer is calling

trying to find the ceremony venue with your brother late because of traffic and the

reception venue has lost your table design mockup.


Just like a large-scale wedding, a day-of coordinator would be super helpful.

You still need to be organized on your wedding day, and who wants to do that while they’re

getting ready to get married –bringing two families together is tough enough!